The Project

I created two illustrations for two of Play Pouch Australia’s brand new products, the Colour and Go Mini Pouch and the Printed Play Pouch.

My brief was to create two engaging outlined illustrations for children and adults alike to enjoy.

For the Printed Play Pouch, I brought to life a variety of woodland superheroes in different poses, with bear, raccoon and fox chosen for the final design. From there I created a pattern with the superheroes and pine trees to suit the circular design of the Play Pouch.

In contrast, I created fun travel inspired illustrations for the Colour and Go Mini Pouch. As the pouch was to come with markers for children to colour in the pictures, I wanted to create illustrations that both children and their parents would enjoy.

Throughout this process I liaised with my client Play Pouch Australia to ensure my illustrations were meeting their needs. Both Play Pouch designs are now available to purchase and have been well received by parents and children alike!

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