2021 was a year of growth for me, it wasn’t the showy spring flower kind of growth but the seed slowly growing under the soil ready to bloom when the time is right. In the last year I’ve finished a little book called Happiful filled with my illustrations, mindfulness activities and journal prompts. It’s released in late March this year, and I have to pinch myself saying that!

I thought I would share with you seven things I learnt making Happiful.

– I’m capable of more than I think I am.
– To be kind to myself.
– I drink way too many pots of peppermint tea.
– To let go of control and trust other people with my work and illustrations, they often can see the bigger picture.
– It’s totally normal to feel creatively spent after a big project and it’s okay to rest my drawing muscle for a while.
– Remember to enjoy the journey because I’ll never make my first book again.
 -To celebrate my achievements.

I’m so excited to share Happiful with you and see it out there in the world. I have a renewed energy to create a range joyful products this year using my new laser cutter and a few other goodies to support the book. I feel like releasing Happiful is like a new chapter for me and I’m looking forward to seeing where it will lead.

You can can pre-order Happiful: 100 Uplifting Illustrations for Your Journey to Joy now wherever books are sold. Find out more!

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