When I’m feeling out of sorts I write down or draw my small joys, the little everyday things that bring me happiness.  I often add to my list and read through it when I need a pick me up. They remind me of all the wonderful things that fill me with joy. 

After sharing my small joys illustration on Instagram people commented and theirs included “eating popcorn”, “a hug from my boys”, “listening to a podcast”, “the first cup of coffee in the morning” and “a warm bath”. How beautiful are these!

A few of mine are:

  • crunchy Autumn leaves
  • my grandma’s umbrella, it reminds of spending the day with her as a child and walking in the rain with her holding the umbrella so I didn’t get wet
  • putting on a cosy jumper in winter
  • reading your favourite childhood book with Harry snuggled on my lap
  • homemade biscuits
  • a letter from a friend in the post
  • a fresh page in a journal or sketchbook to be filled with ideas and drawings
  • Harry’s laugh
  • rain on the roof when I’m snuggled up in bed
  • a bath that is just a bit too hot
  • a pot of peppermint tea
  • fresh sheets on my bed

What are yours? I would love to hear! Also going eating fresh strawberries in summer!

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