This past week I’ve been taking more photos, the main reason has been as a mindfulness practice for me. I’ve been wanting to focus my attention on the little everyday moments that I often overlook and stop mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

So instead of pulling out my phone to scroll the news I try to take it out to capture a moment of joy instead, and if I feel the itch to scroll I take a photo instead.

My pockets of joy so far have been:

  • picking oregano from my veggie patch for dinner
  • the flowers on the window sill when I wash the dishes
  • Harry picking the perfect coloured pencil
  • evening bonfires in the backyard
  • banana bread
  • hours of little hands making craft at the kitchen table
  • watching the bees
  • listening to the birds in the morning
  • Happiful Journal before bedtime
  • garlic bulbs sprouting
  • a pot of tea
  • listening to jazz
  • Harry sticking merit badges into his Happiful Club membership book
  • the early morning sun through the studio window

If you would like to bring some mindfulness to your daily rhythm, head to my free printables page which has a range of phone wallpapers, monthly calendar pages and more.

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