Hi, I'm Jana (pronounced Jar-na)...

I’m an illustrator, mama and magical letter writer. While on maternity leave I bought a sketchbook and 2B pencil, I had this need to be creative. So I began drawing and sharing my illustrations on instagram. I discovered that drawing is a way for me to process my thoughts and emotions, and this led me to create the Happiful Journal to help little ones like my son process their day using creativity.

Through my journey I’ve found creativity, childlike sense of wonder and playfulness weave their way through what I create. I like to make products that my son and five-year-old self would love. It was with these two in mind that I created North Pole Post, a magical world of personalised letters from Santa.

Most days you’ll find me drawing with an Apple Pen and iPad, writing magical letters and drinking way too many pots of tea in my studio, which is tucked in the backyard of our art deco cottage in Adelaide.

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