Finding Pockets of Joy

This past week I’ve been taking more photos, the main reason has been as a mindfulness practice for me. I’ve been wanting to focus my attention on the little everyday moments that I often overlook and stop mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

So instead of pulling out my phone to scroll the news I try to take it out to capture a moment of joy instead, and if I feel the itch to scroll I take a photo instead.

My pockets of joy so far have been:

  • picking oregano from my veggie patch for dinner
  • the flowers on the window sill when I wash the dishes
  • Harry picking the perfect coloured pencil
  • evening bonfires in the backyard
  • banana bread
  • hours of little hands making craft at the kitchen table
  • watching the bees
  • listening to the birds in the morning
  • Happiful Journal before bedtime
  • garlic bulbs sprouting
  • a pot of tea
  • listening to jazz
  • Harry sticking merit badges into his Happiful Club membership book
  • the early morning sun through the studio window

If you would like to bring some mindfulness to your daily rhythm, head to my free printables page which has a range of phone wallpapers, monthly calendar pages and more.

A Happiful Week

Our first week of homeschooling was a roller coaster. There were highs and lows but the one constant was our Happiful Journal. I thought I would share our week in Happiful Journal snaps.

Day one
Harry wrote that his ‘three things I’m grateful for’ is mama. So many happy tears! I must be doing something right, though his favourite smell is diesel. He does love trains!

Day two
Together we drew things that made us happy that day. I always find once we start drawing Harry opens up about how he is feeling.

Day three
It was a smelly texta journal time tonight! And all the LEGO and mobilo trucks came to help. There was an activity idea in the journal to pick a flower and smell it each morning, so we planned to pick the next morning.

Day four
Harry decided to draw his own happy emotion tonight and mentioned that he didn’t feel sad or worried. And he only wanted to draw with the yellow textas.

Day five
His journal can get messy and that’s totally okay. Messy, imperfect and colouring outside the lines is exactly what the Happiful Journal is all about. Today Harry was thankful for his veggie patch!

Day six
Tonight just before bedtime Harry decided it was perfectly reasonable to use watercolours for journal time! While a part of me thought not another craft activity, I took a deep breath and the rational part of my brain stepped in and reminded me how relaxing he finds painting.

Side note, tomorrow we’ll be having a dance party as that was the activity idea in the journal. Cue Frozen 2 soundtrack!

The Happiful Journal is available as a printed book or ebook to print-at-home. You can also join Happiful Club during April, which is a free kids activity book.
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