Studio Scenes: May

A little look at what’s been happening in the studio in May. Every card and print is hand drawn and hand made from start to finish. So this month I’m giving you a look over my shoulder and inside my sketch book at how my illustrations start.

“Often I sketch an idea in my journal or sketch book and then come back to it a day or a week later to flesh out the illustration.”

The illustrations above are from a personal series I am working on. The ‘a grieving heart’ is now available as a card in the shop, and ‘an open heart’ will be available soon as a print and card.

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Our day out apple picking

A couple of weekends ago I went apple picking in Lenswood at Harrisville Orchards. I love finding everyday adventures that allow us to explore our local area, and are fun and affordable. After arriving at the orchard and collecting our bag, we set off to pick the juiciest Pink Lady apples.

With Harry holding my hand, we wandered through the trees and took our time looking for the perfect apples. I like finding the reddest apples and Harry favoured the small ‘baby apples’ as he called them. At one point Harry even sat down in between the trees and munched on an apple, with the skin on which he has never done before.

“It was a wonderful morning in the orchard and showed Harry and us grown-ups where the produce we buy from the farmer’s market comes from, and how important it is to eat seasonally.”

An interesting fact I learnt was some of the little apples had bumps on them, these weren’t a disease but from a hail storm in October that left small scars on the young fruit which healed into bumps as they grew. The apples were called ‘hail heroes’ and this made me think how we all have bumps and scars from life but are still whole and worth picking.

So why not plan a weekend adventure fruit picking in your local area, like straweberry picking in summer or apple picking in autumn.
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